Luxury Home Insurance in Tennessee

luxury home insurance knoxville, tn

Many, if not most, luxury homeowners are under-insured. High net worth families have distinctive insurance needs. Beacon Insurance Advisers offers insurance products specifically designed for high net worth individuals and families. We provide concierge services and fully customizable policies to meet the unique needs of higher net worth households.

Our high net worth coverage includes coverage for:

  • primary, secondary, and vacation homes
  • private collections, artwork, and collectibles
  • identity theft, kidnap and ransom
  • rugs, furs, and high-end furniture
  • specialty auto

Traditional insurance plans often include restrictive policy language inadequate for replacing the lost income of high earners. Don’t jeopardize your family’s financial well-being. Our luxury home coverage can assure everything you’ve worked for is protected!

Luxury Home Insurance

For most homeowners the home is your single greatest asset and should be insured as such. Most standard H03 policies (fancy term for homeowners policy) are not robust enough to fully cover luxury homes. At Beacon Insurance Advisers we tailor a luxury homeowners policy specifically for your needs – not just attach a rider to a standard H03 policy.

Luxury Home Protection Plan Process

Insuring luxury homes is different than insuring standard homes. We perform a thorough, on-site inspection of your property taking care to identify unique characteristics and the overall build quality of your home. Then we submit the documentation to high value insurance carriers for policy options. During this process we negotiate limits and coverages to get the best protection plan for you. Once the protection plan is bound, the insurance company might also survey or inspect your home to ensure that the policy is accurate. If adjustments are needed, we’ll handle that as well. We make sure that you are adequately protected.

Whether you are looking to insure luxury homes, specialty auto, or one of your many collections, Beacon Insurance Advisers works together with you to build a custom insurance program for your specific needs.

To get started on your protection plan, call our office directly at 865-213-2111 or click over to our Get Proposal page to send us some basic information about your needs, so we can get started on your policy review and comparison!