7 Things that Drive Your Insurance Agent Crazy

The relationship between an insurance agent and a client is a two-way street. When we talk with clients trying to determine if they want us to handle their insurance program, we are interviewing them as well. In my humble opinion, too many clients think insurance agents want to write every piece of business available and that we should be thankful for every call regardless of how last minute it is. The truth is professional agents who conduct business wisely are as selective about their clients as the clients are about them.

We, as agents, understand the importance of insurance because we have seen the terrible results of not being protected. As they say, “you can’t make this stuff up!” I don’t have to make up stories. I get stories every day in my agency. Accidents happen and change lives forever. What makes the conversation about coverage and premium difficult for insurance agents is that the difference between good coverage and bad coverage is usually only a few dollars. Seeing people make bad decisions due to an extra $20 a month is tough. As my good friend, Tammy White, says,“ Penny wise, pound foolish.”
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Accidents Happen

interior-view-of-a-car-that-was-in-a-bad-accidentClients always surprise me with their responses to questions concerning their insurance limits. Most of the time they make me smile, but sometimes they make me very sad. I’ve actually had people tell me they don’t need high limits on auto insurance because they are safe drivers, or they don’t have accidents. Really?? Have you ever said that or perhaps thought it? Can you predict the future? If so, I’ll take you on the next flight to Vegas with those crystal ball skills!

The definition of accident is, “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” To be more specific, the legal definition of accident is, “in general, an unplanned, unexpected, and undesigned (not purposefully caused) event which occurs suddenly and causes (1) injury or loss, (2) a decrease in value of the resources, or (3) an increase in liabilities.” Accidents are unplanned or they would not be accidents.
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How to Get Your Financial House in Order

financial-planning-knoxvilleWith the new year close at hand, multitudes of people make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lifestyles with diet, exercise, or mastering new skills. Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions last approximately 21 days. Instead of making a resolution, why not commit to getting your financial house in order? Money may not be the most important thing, but it can allow you to do things that are most important to you. Start your new year with these six essential tasks to get your financial house in order.


Set a budget. Using a budget requires discipline and takes time to plan and carry out correctly. Byron Deese of Glass Jacobson Financial Group recommends living on 70% of your net income. Use half of that total for home and transportation, another 20% for food and an emergency fund, and 10% each for savings, retirement, and charity. Following a budget plan is the easiest way to get yourself financially on track.
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The Thanksgiving Tips You Can’t Live Without

thanksgiving-turkeyI love Thanksgiving! It’s probably my favorite Holiday because it is so much about family without all the pressure of Christmas gift selections. I remember getting up early and helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the family while watching the Macy’s parade. Thanksgiving is a time for visiting family, sharing meals, and enjoying loved ones, but it’s also a prime time for cooking fires, traffic accidents, and other safety problems. With Turkey Day mere days away, let’s talk about things to consider for cooking, traveling, and taking care of the fur babies.
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Insuring Your College Student

college-studentFall always seems to be a hectic time of year. Summer vacations are over, the kids are back in school, and some parents are sending their young adults off to new adventures at college. Sending your young adult off to college involves a mountain of options to consider.

The college years can be a scary time for parents, and we probably don’t know half of what our young adults face today. Several challenges and hurdles stand between you and making sure you and your college-aged children are properly protected. I hear so many claim stories about liability limits being paid from a parent’s policy because of the foolish actions of a young adult. I know, I know, it won’t happen to you, but let’s be prepared if it does.

When attorneys line up to sue, they sue everyone in the area. If your child is in wrong place at the wrong time, it could cost you your life’s savings. What happens if a fire is accidentally started in an apartment complex and someone is injured? How much insurance would it take to protect your assets? Accidents and bad decisions happen all the time. I want you to consider several factors when choosing a policy for your young adult dependents.
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