3 Essential Smartphone Travel Tips

It’s summer! Like many of you, we here at Beacon Insurance Advisers like to hit the road and enjoy some vacation time with our family and friends, but we also need to stay connected to the office while we are away. Voila—the smartphone! Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They give us […]

Top Ten Reasons To Volunteer

1. It’s fun. You get to meet new people and build new friendships. You will feel more socially connected. Your team gets a chance to work together out of the office, and you help others out in the process. 2. To whom much is given, much is expected. Giving back is simply the right thing […]

GoFundMe is NOT a Substitute for Life Insurance

Disclaimer: My intention here is not to insult or hurt anyone, but GoFundMe is NOT a life insurance option! Purchasing life insurance is a conscious choice to protect the ones you love and pay off any debt you owe. This includes your last wishes for burial, cremation, or even becoming a diamond. It really bothers […]

Does Your Policy Cover Replacement Cost?

In this hot real estate market in Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties of East Tennessee, we receive numerous calls from new home buyers wanting a proposal on homeowners insurance. These perspective clients are calling mostly because their loan officer has told them they need to acquire homeowners insurance for their new home. I’m always surprised […]

7 Reasons to Bundle Your Insurance Coverages (and a Secret Most Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You)

If you watch television at all, you are bombarded with auto insurance advertisements. One theme of these commercials is the “bundling” concept for the insurance companies. Bundling usually means combining one or more insurance products with the same insurance company—typically, your auto and home. Why is this a great idea for you? Some companies give […]

6 Need-to-Know Tips for Safe Boating

The weather is hot, and I’m ready to hit the water. I have many clients and friends with boats. Boating is great fun, but also very dangerous, so you need to be properly protected. I’m always sad when I hear about an accident on one of our beautiful lakes. My first thought after “Are they […]

Is Your Team Is a Winner?

Being an insurance agent reminds me of coaching basketball. Yesterday I wrote auto and homeowners insurance for one of my former basketball players. I coached her 20 years ago at Roane State Community College; what a player she was! She scored 40 points in the state championship game in 1989 (yes, a long time ago) […]

3 Risks of Hiring Contractors Without General Liability and Worker’s Comp

Lately social media has me pondering General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance education. This week on the Facebook group, “I Know a Place in Knoxville” someone asked a great question about hiring contractors who are not insured. She wanted to know the risks associated with hiring a house painter without liability insurance. Contractors, repair people, […]

Protecting Your Youthful Driver

Wow, I’ve been in the insurance business for 20 years! I can still remember how I felt 20 years ago as a young, inexperienced insurance agent, when a client would call to add a youthful driver to their auto insurance. After making the change to their auto policy, I would apologize for the difference in […]

Is Your Deductible Too High?

In my agency we are extremely thorough when discussing coverages and deductibles. I have many discussions with my clients about deductibles for auto and home insurance and especially about the economic impact of higher deductibles. I believe that any time you can assume more risk on either your home or auto insurance, it is a […]