Discover 5 Ways to Avoid Auto Accidents

Americans have been in love with their cars for years. The number of vehicles on the road is very high and many auto accidents occur in the U.S. Data from the National Safety Council estimates that about 10 million car accidents occur every year in the U.S. These auto accidents range from parking lot incidences […]

The Thanksgiving Tips You Can’t Live Without

I love Thanksgiving! It’s probably my favorite Holiday because it is so much about family without all the pressure of Christmas gift selections. I remember getting up early and helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the family while watching the Macy’s parade. Thanksgiving is a time for visiting family, sharing meals, and enjoying loved ones, but […]

5 Reasons High Home Liability Limits Matter

If I asked the average person on the street what liability limit they carry on their homeowners policy, I would bet 95% could not tell me. Liability is such important coverage, but the non-insurance person generally doesn’t see the significance of this coverage. Unfortunately, many individuals do not see the importance until something bad happens. […]

Rental Car Insurance Yes or No?

  I probably should have written this in May when it could have been helpful for your summer vacation, but better late than never. Traveling is a lot of fun. You don’t want a claim to ruin your vacation, so you need to make good decisions when you travel. One major concern when you fly […]

#1 Natural Disaster in the US

What’s the #1 natural disaster in the US? Any guesses? I bet if I polled ten people, eight out of ten would answer incorrectly. This disaster isn’t usually on the radar of the average insurance client. I see coverage for it purchased only if a mortgage company requires it. I and my agents at Beacon […]

Insuring Your College Student

Fall always seems to be a hectic time of year. Summer vacations are over, the kids are back in school, and some parents are sending their young adults off to new adventures at college. Sending your young adult off to college involves a mountain of options to consider. The college years can be a scary […]

Has Technology Made Your Life Easier?

I remember around 1992 when Roane State announced the school was adopting a new technology tool to make communicating with other staff members easier and more convenient. This new tool was email. Fortunately for me, I had a terrific boss, Judy Tyl, who was far more patient with me than I deserved. Any way….I complained […]

Are You a Customer or a Client?

I must say, transitioning from the education (teaching/coaching) world to the insurance world in 1997 (yes again, I am old!) was an amazing wake up call for me. I immediately experienced the distrust that came with the insurance industry. As my step-dad said directly to my face, “that’s one rung up from a used car […]

5 Reasons You Want a Local Agent on your Side

I read an article yesterday (trying to stay up-to-date) in Insurance Journal, quoting a study that found “representation by a local agent has increased in importance the most over the past 5 years (45%) compared to other touch points related to insurance.” As many as 38% of shoppers based their decisions on agent recommendations. This […]

5 Interesting Things to Know about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance varies from state to state. When you move to a new state, you need to convert your auto insurance to comply with your new state’s rules. We frequently deal with clients who have moved to Knoxville but have been extremely slow to update their driver’s license, car registration, and auto insurance. These clients […]